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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica

Surgery increases the size and proportion of a woman's breasts, enhancing shape, correcting imbalances, improving firmness and restoring body contour. This surgery gives the patient a lot of happiness to achieve the desired improvement.

Who is a candidate?

Women who have small breasts because of lack of development,: Hypomastia.

Women who lose a lot and your breasts lost volume consumption of adipose tissue, leaving the skin very taut and fall (ptosis).

Women after pregnancy and lactation have glandular involution.

Women who have breast asymmetry (size difference between a breast and other).

Women who have the empty top of the breast.

Women who want to increase breast volume and projection of personal satisfaction.

Breast prostheses do not interfere with lactation or with the performance of mammography (there are special techniques), not producing breast cancer (scientific evidence).

The placement of breast prostheses can be done once the development if the case warrants.

Like any surgical procedure increased the breast should be performed in a highly complex operating room, after evaluation of pre-operative examination should include bilateral breast ultrasound and / or mammography informed.

The choice of breast implant size is always done in conjunction with the plastic surgeon with his essential advice based on their experience and artistic sense and your ideals, on the first consultation once you are in Buenos Aires who would have the chance to test in the office for that purpose.

Surgery is performed under local anesthesia and assisted sedation by anesthesiologists to ensure maximum comfort of the patient, without need of hospitalization or general anesthesia. Its duration varies between 90 - 120 minutes.

With the administration of post-operative pain killers, this surgery is not painful.

Breast implants can be placed by an incision in the skin located at:

1) On the areola (peri-areolar)
2) The Path of the breast fold.
3) The Armpit.

The location of the prosthesis depends on the amount of adipose tissue that has glandular breasts of the patient. Prostheses can be placed behind the glands (retro glandular)

See Figure 1. Or behind the pectoral muscles (retro muscular)

See Figure 2, where there is no gland, to soften this projection.

The latest technique places the breast implants below the pectoral muscle fascia, called sub facial" with excellent results.

After the breast implant surgery, a bandage is put together with a special type of sports bra.
The drains are removed between 24 - 72 hs. The stitches between 7-14 days depending on the scar pattern of each patient. The resumption of activities should be after 3 days.

The effect of increased breast is immediate but the best day after day, gaining a more anatomical as decreases edema, inflammation and skin are adapting.

In a small percentage can be expected complication is the appearance of mammary contractile capsule, which is the exaggeration of the fibrosis that is always around the mammary prosthesis. The textured surface breast implants have fewer tendencies to cause capsular contracture.

All brands of implants that are used exclusively for medical use and are approved by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, apart from other international agencies.

As proof of breast implant used on surgery, we give to the patient a numbered stamp that certifies them as being the manufacturer's warranty. The implants can be manufactured in France, Dutch, English and Brazilian.


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