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Interview conducted with Dr. Marcelo Bernstein for the informative MinutoUno.Com

Interview conducted with Dr. Marcelo Bernstein for the informative MinutoUno.Com Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica

The American Medical Association published a paper that warns about the fatal cases of four patients who received applications of Botox in doses that exceeded the level recommended for aesthetic use.

Botox is the brand name for botulinum toxin A. The victims mentioned in the report, were an outgrowth of this toxin in a highly concentrated preparation that was intended for laboratory research but not approved for human applications.

According to BBC World, the injection received by victims causes symptoms of progressive weakness and abnormalities in the nerves that control functions such as movement of facial muscles and inflammation.

Dr. Marcelo Bernstein from the Argentine Society of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic and Restorative, explain the cares needed to avoid major complications, "As a first essential step is to choose a qualified medical professional, preferably plastic surgeon, There are some cosmetologists offering service".

Although, timing of application is key in the results. "If placed in an incorrect area of the eyebrows produces paralysis and the eyelid falls" said the
specialist who performs 25 interventions of this type per month.

For experts of the American Medical Association, many people in the world are at risk because there are tighter regulations on who can provide Botox danger that triggers negligence. "Often not done studies to check if the patient has no disease or any problems affecting your muscles," adds Bernstein.

The physician for the deaths took responsibility for having put the wrong labels on the bottles, and was sentenced to three years in prison.

The purpose of this aesthetic non-surgical treatment aims to block nerve transmission and temporarily reducing the contractions of facial muscles that cause wrinkles. "But given that the toxin temporarily paralyzes must be quite accurate and the application must be specific to avoid consequences," said Bernstein, who says unaware lethal cases in our country.

If no medical action fails, the results are in the hands of the patient: "You can not lie within 6 hours, to avoid contact with the area applied and exercise to promote absorption of the product."

There are many points to get around, but they depend on profits. The difference between being stretched or pulled.

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Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica
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Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica
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Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica
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