Non Surgical Additional

Non Surgical Additional

Botox ®

It is a medical technology, application of purified outline toxin type A - Botox ® -, which produces a relaxation in the muscle implemented consistent with the stretching of the skin and erasing wrinkles of expression. It is applied in the clinic doctor for this purpose, no need of recovery, the application is not painful, and the results are beginning to look past 24 hours, and completed a week.

No requires previous studies of allergy.

It is excellent for treating wrinkles on the forehead, between eyebrows, crow's feet, peri-oral, raise the tail of the eyebrows.

There are similar products on the market as medical DISPORT ®

Facial Fillers

It is a non-surgical medical technique that is used to project certain areas of the face such as cheeks and chin, enhancing natural beauty. Can be made at the clinic doctor for this purpose, you do not need recovery, its results are immediate, requires no prior allergy testing.

Use different medical products of high quality and international recognition, approved by the Ministry of Health and ANMAT. Also with this technique can be filled furrows, facial wrinkles, acne or post-traumatic depression. It is not a painful procedure, requires no anesthesia. It should be noted that if the patient wants it increased the projection of cheeks and chin can be done through surgical prostheses.

Deep Peeling

It is a medical treatment of skin, made by the doctor in the office, which used various substances for use in dermatological progressive ranks.

In order to remove aged surface cells, increasing collagen. Achieve erasing blemishes, improving the texture to the touch, mitigation of fine wrinkles, skin bright and splendid.

This treatment is complemented by the use of household products.

It can be done at any time of year, as there are different types of products for every need.


Lips Augmentation

You can highlight the contours of the lips and increase their giving it a more sensual and youthful, with different specific products for this purpose, which must be approved by the Ministry of Health and ANMAT

The patient must know that you are applying the product, package it to be opened in his presence.

There are products which last for a short term, for example: hyaluronic acid and other long-term (years). The current products do not need the majority of allergy test prior, collagen is a product almost obsolete.

The application is not painful, you can use local anesthesia in some cases.

I suggest applying the product in a progressive manner until the desired volume, achieving a natural and harmonious appearance.



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