Testimonials Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica

Read what some of the patients write to share their joy after surgery!

Isabel Sarli - National & International Movie StarArtista Plastico, Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica

EIn more than 33 films as a main star in National and International films, my breasts are well notice for their natural beauty, representing the national cinema.
I proveed that the plastic surgeon Marcelo Bernstein M.D., with his Art can achieve......

Isabelita Sarli - Actress - Sex simbol

Isabelita Sarli - Actress - Sex simbol Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica

It is hard being the daughter of Isabel Sarli because of her natural attributes and background. His hands made my dream come true, now there is no difference with my mom. You are an excellent doctor and for me an excellent person .. That I Love So Much! Thank you for everything you have done and what you do for me.
Isabelita Sarli


Lorena Rossi - Representative from the Argentine Parliament

Lorena Rossi - Representative from the Argentine Parliament Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica In my 34 years old, life took me in another way and in this new life I have found security, confidence, serenity ... all that Dr. Marcelo Bernstein transmits at the momment of the great change. "New Beauty" said his former page, I believe in my new beauty in the mirror every morning after going through the magical hands of Marcelo.
Lorena Rossi / 09/060/09
Representative from the Argentine Parliament...

Iris Palacios - Art Plastic

Iris Palacios - Art Plastic Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica

Marcelo, "Doc" as I name him. I have only one word in my head when I think of you, my Doc .. and is THANK YOU. It's more than I expected and really changed my life for the better. Thanks for everything and I hope that everything we do is still spectacular. But what I hope is to see you more often in the painting environment.
Iris Palacios
Art Plastic


Romina Solanaglio- Psychologist

Romina Solanaglio- Psychologist Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica In my 23 years I am really someone else. In June it will be a year of my breast reduction. Today I can show my Rogifa without shame. Again, I remain both physically and spiritually another woman. I have to thank my life to the Doctor. Today I can use things, whether clothes that were previously impossible.
Romina Solavagione.

Florencia Bianculli - Periodista Deportivo - FoxSports

Florencia Bianculli - Periodista Deportivo - FoxSports Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica La experiencia fue muy buena desde el comiendo hasta el final. Necesitaba un cambio en mi aspecto físico, con el cual no estaba conforme, pero, la verdad, es que tampoco queria que se notara, que quedara artificial. Y, salvo las personas que me conocen, que observaron el resultado natural de la cirugía estética a la que me sometí, nadie podría darse cuenta de la intervención. El profecionalismo del Dr. Bernstein, desafortunadamente, no es normal en los "profesionales" de la actualidad (valga la redundancia)... ...

Daniel Frave-Trader

Daniel Frave-Trader Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica

Thanks to Marcelo Bernstein, it changed my life, I live much better. Everyone has the right to improve its image, is priceless.
Daniel Frave 23/05/2009


Alicia Garner - Independent Skin Care Consultant

Alicia Garner - Independent Skin Care Consultant Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica

Alicia Garner - Independent Skin Care Consultant

Thank to Dr. Bernstein, I came from Los Angeles to have the surgery because it was cheaper here. I didn’t know him at all. But I am really satisfied with the job. I have really good results and I am thinking about operate other parts now. 

Thanks Dr. Marcelo,


Melisa Palmese - Zafirah Hadassah

Melisa Palmese - Zafirah Hadassah Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica

On my 25 years old y after consider since long time ago to perform a Rinoplasthy, I found Dr. Marcelo Bernstein, and my choice could not have been more appropriate.
In my profession as an Arabic Dancer...


Gerardo Goyeneche- Hotel Manager in Calafate – Santa Cruz Argentina

Gerardo Goyeneche- Hotel Manager in Calafate – Santa Cruz Argentina Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica I was extremely uncomfortable because of my job and social life having pectorals similar to a woman.
I was uncomfortable to choose an outfit and wear clothes that I have as a present. I think that being satisfied with appearance is very important to be able to take care of things better, perhaps, the most important daily things.
When I realize that I can have surgery very easily ( being that I’m from the province) I did not hesitate and since 15 days ago I’m in Buenos Aires and I can say that I’m very satisfied with the results after having surgery with Dr. Bernstein.
Goyeneche Gerardo
Argentine ID 22217959  ...

Fabiana No – College Student UP – Korean Translator

Fabiana No – College Student  UP – Korean Translator Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica

Today, on my 20 years old and 8 months after surgery, I feel that thanks to you, Mercelo my life changed.
I’m studding fashion design and that is a field where beauty is very important, now I can say that I belong to the fashion industry.


Eloy Quikaña - Actor

Eloy Quikaña - Actor Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica I’m grateful with Dr. Marcelo Bernstein for the great result of my ear surgery, I had a big complex since I was a kid and in 1 hour of surgery with local anesthesia and no pain, he solve my problem! 
Thank you!
Eloy Quikaña
Argentina ID 94000932...

Alvaro Uriarte

Alvaro Uriarte Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica

My name is Alvaro Uriarte and I had Ginecomasty. Since my 13 years old I feel very complex, I couldn’t enjoy my adolescence, and then someone recommend Dr. Marcelo Bernstein in Peru, who fix my problem and today I’m HAPPY.
Thanks Doctor.
Alvaro Uriarte
DNI 94039899 10/03/09


Gabriela Enrique

Gabriela Enrique Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica Hello to everyone, first of all I would like to thanks life for meeting Dr. Marcelo Bernstein. I’m eternally happy for making me feel confident and comfortable on his hands.
Being that is a very trustable and recognized plastic surgeon.....

Karina Corvalan - Promotora de Eventos

Karina Corvalan - Promotora de Eventos Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica

I thank Dr. Marcelo Bernstein with all my heart and because of the care of your patients. I had many surgeries with him and they were amazing.  The first one was a liposuction, after that I wanted more and I had a Tummy tuck to remove a scar from my belly...