Men Magazine interview with Dr. Marcelo Bernstein

Note of Dr. Bernstein on breast enhancement surgery for Men magazine, September 2008

Cirugia Plastica, cirugia estetica

Dr. Marcelo Bernsteins written on an Argentine magazine Year 2008

Cirugia Plastica, cirugia estetica

Welcome to Dr Marcelo Bernstein Website

Dr. Marcelo Bernstein, aside from being a renowned aesthetic and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, is also an international lecturer, author, and inventor, frequently search by the mass media (TV, newspapers and magazines) and considered a prominent expert in the industry.
Having treated many patients in the fashion, films and television industry, Dr. Bernstein knows the importance of small scars, and therefore always aims to ensure a natural appearance as the result of the surgery.
Always incorporating the latest innovations and developments in the industry, Dr. Bernstein strives for the highest quality and best practice standards. His work is well recognized for its innovative developments in the industry.
Dr. Bernstein's international recognition is underlined by being a member of many international prestigious plastic surgery societies but also by the number of foreign patients that visit him in Argentina to perform surgery.
Dr. Bernstein is specialized in the following cosmetic surgeries: Nose, Ears, Facelift, Eyelids, Expensive, Neck, Lips, Chin, Cheekbones, Abdomen, Arms, Liposculpture, Gluteal, Legs and in mammary surgery in its variant of increase and reduction.
His philosophy is to be committed to answer patients' questions, ensuring they are informed and helping them make the best possible decision regarding their appearance, health, and quality of life.
In a pursuit of excellence, we are eager to help you achieve the new and you and as an Artist and Cosmetic Sculptor, he always prefers a refined natural look and not an artificial operated appearance. Plastic Surgery Sculpture that looks as natural as possible.
We are inviting you to visit Dr. Bernstein website, you are dealing directly with the surgeon and his assistants; we are not a company who hire surgeons.
Do not hesitate to contact us with all your questions.
We will be glad to assist you!