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..Argentino invento una pinza para evitar hemorragias en cirugias esteticas - Articulo publicado en el diario La Mañana de Cordoba, el 15-09-2005-

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..Follicular Micrografting

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..Planning Your Surgery with Dr. Bernstein?

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...Body Procedures
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...Face Procedures
■ Press Releases
..The Scalpel Kingdom: Argentina, Third in Cosmetic Surgery

..Article published by the Agency DyN on Yahoo News on 14-09-2005

..Dr. Marcelo Bernsteins interview on the magazine Luz on a special report about surgeries

..Newspaper Austral

..Medical Tourism Growing in Argentina Published on May 22 2006

..Television interview

..Health Investor

..Dr. Marcelo Bernsteins interview on the magazine Tendencias April 2007

..Creation of a Light Device for surgical procedures. Newspaper Croni

..Dr. Marcelo Bernsteins interview on the magazine Aesthetic concept May 2007

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..Resumen Dr. Marcelo Bernstein

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..Isabelita Sarli - Actress - Sex simbol

..Lorena Rossi - Representative from the Argentine Parliament

..Iris Palacios - Art Plastic

..Romina Solanaglio- Psychologist

..Florencia Bianculli - Periodista Deportivo - FoxSports

..Daniel Frave-Trader

..Alicia Garner - Independent Skin Care Consultant

..Melisa Palmese - Zafirah Hadassah

..Fabiana No – College Student UP – Korean Translator

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