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Planning Your Surgery with Dr. Bernstein?

Planning Your Surgery with Dr. Bernstein?  Cirugia plastica Cirugia estetica


The first thing that you need to do, is to find out about all the procedures you might be interested in, one of Dr. Bernstein personal assistants will contact you with all the information you might need to start your trip. We will be really glad to hear from your needs, concerns and an ideal travel time for your surgery in Argentina.

Cirugía Plástica, cirugía estética


Our success with international patients is our custom-tailor care to accommodate every patient and their own distinctive situation and needs.

Cirugía Plástica, cirugía estética


Our packages are all include and Is your choice to decide if you need or want our services of: Accommodation at the hotel (or furnished apartments), Airport Pickup, Bilingual Assistance and Tourist Activities, the ideal of traveling abroad is planning together and easy and comfortable trip.




Cirugía Plástica, cirugía estética Cirugía Plástica, cirugía estéticaCirugía Plástica, cirugía estética

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